Preempt #rmxmonday tweet // AutoErotique ft DJ AM & Steve Aoki

Why not wait for monday then? Well... first some tracks are so good - such as the case - that delaying it would be criminal. Heresy even. Right up there with blocking The Bloggess on twitter. Seriously bad karma, I tell you, like... totally! Secondly, because this particular track will be available here via the rcrdlbl website until the 25th of August *only*. (WTF, no html code for blinking text anymore? Fascists, they take away all the cool annoying stuff. I bet Steve Jobs did it.)

Then again, I reckon it will be on youtube forever unless Dim Mak throws a hissy fit.

Addendum: That Gladiator EP from AutoÉrotique looks just sick... AC Slater, Milano, Klever... hot!!!

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emospace AutoErotique // djamone // steveaoki
label Dim Mak

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