Diz que disse que amanhã há festa na aldeia (REDUX)

Aqui o je e o rapaz do espaço vão estar a trocar discos e a influenciar corpos esta Sexta por volta das onze da noite no espaço Interpress. Shuffle - Lisbon Audiovisual Experience é o nome do evento e o menu é Indie experimental alternative pop italo disco revival surf rock psicho billy e amiguinhos, todos prontos para evocar um imaginário colectivo muito próprio. E mais não digo. Apareçam!

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Diz que disse que amanhã há festa na aldeia

Alminha Marianinha, O Anónimo e R2d2, condóminos do xukebox e vizinhos musicais aqui do burgo, vão girar discos e abanar corpos amanhã no Ko-Zee Club. Basta verificar as referências dos últimos posts (Postal Service, Queens of the Stone Age, Datarock, Maxïmo Park, The Killers entre outros) para perceber que a danceteria está garantida.


Audio & Visual galore // Final Fantasy

There is so much going on here that I'm quite lost for words. Kabuki theatre meets the golder age of Hollywood musicals? German cabaret meets the American Vaudeville? What about the motion blur oh so sweetly reminiscent of Kate Bush videos from 20 years ago?

But enough scrutinizing, labelling and all around name dropping! Check below Owen Pallet's most recent video, taken from the Plays To Please EP and pleased we are indeed. It seems that the prodigal son is not quite done tinkering with music from all over the show as well as all sorts of instruments.

In one single word: Gorgeous.

Final Fantasy - Horsetail Feathers

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Did I mentioned CFTPA recently?

Mind you, that's a rhetorical question. So, some reasons why I'm rehashing this subject:
  • The B-sides & rarities album Advanced Base Battery Life will be released tomorrow. The indie kids shiver with anti...cipation.
  • The expression B-sides & rarities reminds me of Art Brut's take on musical snobbery/teen angst via the My little brother song. In other words, I felt an uncontrollable urge to use it and I blame it on the fact that I'll turn 30 this year. Age denial is bliss. So is musical snobbery.
  • Speaking of Art Brut, not only they released an album in 2007 that went under the radar, they are scheduled for the third release in a couple of months. Not really bovvvered because once you discover The Fall, Art Brut just sounds bland. FACT!
  • The wonderful people at Tomlab made one track out Advanced Base Battery Life available for our downloading pleasure.
  • The only thing better than leftfield crooning electronic music is leftfield crooning electronic music for free.
  • The world needs more Owen Ashworth. No, seriously, it does.
(via Tomlab's newsletter)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Old Panda Days (w/ Nick Krgovich)

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PS: If your browser doesn't handle the mp3 player used above, it's because you're not using firefox v3. In other words, YOU SUCK.


Spot the differences (I dare you)

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Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating
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