Strange & Stranger: Liars via Crystal Castles // #rmxmonday

Just below, a strange and mesmerizing vid + song followed by a stranger and visceral vid + song.

Freebie remix via Spinner available here.

Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid

Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)

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September spawned a monster // Rain Machine

Breaking radio silence to share the debut album of Kyp Malone's (of Tv On The Radio fame, you know, the dude with the big beard) side project, Rain Machine... No official video for the first single Give Blood as of yet, just something totally illegal straight out of Youtube. Full album preview via the Spinner website here.

Released on the 22nd of September via ANTI-Records.

Oh, and at some point I turned 30. Big wank...

Rain Machine - Give Blood

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View Code + Copy paste is... great success // Le Castle Vania

There is more electro goodness here than you can shake a stick at. Personally, the Fukkk Offf remix really does it for me... on a physiological level, ya'know?

Check Le Castle Vania's myspace for some free downloads, seriously good karma, audio hard-ons and psychadelic punk disco banners.

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I predict a (gay indie) riot // Vampire Weekend

Grab hold of your joysticks (or crucifixes) because everyones favorite English lads are about to return on the 11th of Jan 2010 in the UK and on the 12th in the US with a new album, "Contra". No songs as of yet, only the tracklist (which can be misleading in order to curb illegal file sharing) and a photo album (which, again, can be a rouse).

Of course, this is not the first time they resurfaced since the self-titled debut. I'm talking about Ezra's specifically with his participation on The Very Best project... which did not actually cut it for me. But hey, that's just me... complicated & biased! Also known to spread vicious rumours abouts the sexual orientation of the young lead singers from very recent and known bands.

PS: I just used Ezra's name plus the terms vampire weekend & gay. Again. This is going to score so many visitors that it is not even funny...

01. horchata
02. white sky
03. holiday
04. california english
05. taxi cab
06. run
07. cousins
08. giving up the gun
09. diplomat's son
10. i think ur a contra

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma



Nurse fetish anyone? // Gus Gus

New album "24/7" out today via Kompakt and new vid just below in full blown electronica swing. Also, be sure to stop by the myspace of Trentemøller's minimal ambient protégés Klovn for their remix of "Add This Song".

Gus Gus - Add This Song

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Britney Spears (kissed Madonna)

Madonna however did not kiss Britney Spears. I think that might constitute tongue rape. Elton John? Really Gay?! WHAT???? Oh, and George Micheal was born in London, Texas. Click on the picture for a full accurate and honest to gawd listing of really gay bands, y'alls!

#rmxmonday // Sneaky Sound System via Van She


Beware of... // We Are Wolves

Specially since they are going slightly Pixies: songs in spanish? WTF? Oh well... just another day in the strange and warped world of We Are Wolves. A sneak peek of Paloma, in all its spanish chorus glory, here by clicking "play me a song" on the right hand side of the screen. Although not as freshing as 2005 Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Duex, this sampler tinged garage rock sounds... hummm.. interesting?

The new album, Invisible violence, is due to hit the stores (online or otherwise) on the 6th of October via Dare to Care Records. Bad news is that, as much as my French can tell here, the physical release on the 6th will be in Canada only. Quel dommage.

Now kick back to reminisce and bask on something really special...

We Are Wolves - LL Romeo

Almost there... // Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! are almost releasing their new 12'', I Will Come Back, upon the world via DFA. About bloody time! Everyone is still craving for a LP, but this will keeps us entertained until then: a fully fledged homage to New Order's synth pop.

Lovely vid just below and free tracks (original + remixes by Classixx & DJ Mehdi) after the jump, courtesy of Green Label Sound.

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back

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Begone dull care...

And welcome happy days in shades of blue, not hazel.

Junior Boys - Hazel

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Stab them to death, play around with their blood, have a Stoli on the rocks, listen to Whitney Houston. Repeat.

(via The Sourpuss)

Ready for the dance floor // Fever Ray via Crookers

You can so tell that it is Friday when you awake up and feel like listening to House and dance in your PJs. Or boxer shorts. Naked is always a great idea as well. Just sayin'...

After the previous Allez Allez treatmeant of Triangle Walks, it's time for the Crookers to pull apart and mend back together the fourth single out of Fever Ray self titled album: Seven, in glorious big-beat style. With sirens! And telephone ring tones! IT'S FUCKING FRIDAY!

Video launched today and 12'' Vinyl to be released on the 5th of October with more remixes from Martyn, CSS, Marcel Dettmann, Seth Troxler and Nick Chacona.

Fever Ray - Seven

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SHAZAM (for carrots) // All Leather

This has to be the best musical description ever! It doesn't even have the adjective"angular"... and you all know how much I love that word. This is all-out raunchy fun that knows no boundaries, the kind that takes Aretha Franklin's Respect and bends it into a pun regarding water sports. Wrong, I know, but wickedly amusing.
Sleek and stunning in its grating splendour, ALL LEATHER drags decrepit carnal desire through pure, delicious excrement. It's what Patrick Bateman would listen to if he could fuck Freddie Mercury while staring at himself in the mirror. Furious and compelling, masturbatory in its incessant stridence, All Leather is irreverently erotic and erotically irreverent. Stripped of dignity and shackled by judgement, it'll make you want to crawl out of your skin into the raw, foul animal hide that is All Leather. Appease your gluttony, revel in sin and cum again.
(via Dim Mak's newsletter)
Hung Like a Donut (a remix EP of Hung Like a Horse released earlier this year) is out now via Dim Mak. Top marks for the I Don't Hate Fags, God Does Congorock remix, be sure to check it out in their myspace or get here for free.

All Leather - I Don't Hate Fags, God Does

All Leather - I Don't Hate Fags, God Does (Congorock remix)

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Update: About hols, obfuscated tunes & some brain damage

More than midway through my hols, depression is already sinking in. Fuck my life. Here is some of the stuff that is pulling me along...

The Wild Beasts have a new album on the streets which is being shadowed by the release of the Arctic Monkey's Humbug and all its fanfare. Due or not, be sure not to miss out on Wild Beasts' melodic and charming Two Dancers. Warning: There is some falsetto going on here. It is not, however, over the top. Pick of the litter: All Kings Men.

Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling

Wild Beasts - All King's Men

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Polvo's In Prism, already mentioned before, is finally out and it is a tightly knit sonic landscape of both Math and Post Rock. Seriously, it defies all logic and if you hold Tortoise, Slint, Fugazi or Mogwai close to your heart then this is right up your alley. You can buy or hear a stream of the full album here. No official video clip yet so we'll have to make to with some (possibly illegal) fan lovage.

Polvo - City Birds

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Now, if you don't mind, allow me to destroy one of your childhood memories. Gatchaman and Robot dancing? EPIC! Seriously, if you are in Madrid stop by Fragglepop, but steer clear of the Candy Party unless Spain's contenders for the Eurovision Song Contest over the last decade is your thing.

Dresscode: Lumberjack. Scary, I know.

Parchís - Comando G

Now, wasn't that fun? Let me make it up to you. Just click here.