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Someone once said that all the best songs are sad songs and they are quite right. Nothing pleases us humans more than some good ol' drama. Everybody looooves drama, right? Right! So, what's up with this chap, Justin Vernon? Well, apparently things in his life started going up the creek: band breaking up, relationship ended, health problems and so forth. What to do? Instead of spending horrendous amounts of cash in therapy, like any everyone else, he went into seclusion and started writing an album regarding it. Smart cookie this one, instead of spending money with his existential problems, he gets paid over them and, truth be told, he freaking deserves it. For Emma, Forever Ago is not ground breaking, lets get that straight, but then again nothing really is nowadays. It is, however, beautifully written and very well accomplished: it might be the best lo-fi/acoustic music since Nick Drake's seminal acoustic album Pink Moon. Nevermind Devendra's pretentious hippie approach or Iron & Wine's overtly produced folk. Take Pink Moon, add sparse drums, horns, dub tapes, a bit of noise, mix it all together and serve while watching any given winter landscape, rural or urban, under a blanket and by a fire place.
This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be
Safe with me
More than a freaking punch in the gut, this album is a self inflicted stab in the heart. How is that for drama?

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Unexpected and secret contender to Best of 2008 album

A more in-depth insight due after the 26th since it's going to be a xmas present!

This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be
Safe with me

És uma besta (Uma história de Amor)

Moloko - I want you


Mp3 killed sleeve art #8

... Neon Plastix - Prick Tease

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Low - Christmas

Does my favorite Christmas album makes me come across as a disgruntled, suburban depressed atheist? Good!

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Low - If you were born today

if you were born today
we'd kill you by age eight
never get the chance to say:

joy to the world and
peace on the earth
forgive them for they know not what they do

blessed are the meek and
blessed are the humble
blessed are the ninety and nine

deny the flesh
deny all that's evil
tonight you'll deny me thrice

if you were born today
we'd kill you by age eight
ever get the chance to say...



Subject: Xmas party

autoKratz @ Dour Festival 2008




A menina dança (VI) - REDUX

Scratch that first attempt at relaying work/life/universe/season disgruntlement. There is a tagline I use LOADS at work everything I'm not following something and that is Lost in the plot. Funny thing is that 95% of the times I am following. I just can't fucking believe in what I'm hearing/listening. The other one relates to the same gleeful topic and it's from The Blow: "I was happy half aware". And I really was.

The dears - Lost in the plot


Mp3 killed sleeve art #7

... Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger

Last fm suggests // Graven predicts

Suicide rates will increase; blood red against Grey pavement backdrops is the new black.



YACHT was everything that we expected and then some. Although seriously jet-lagged as per their entry in Twitter, Jona Bechtolt & Claire Evans were engaging and involving, always teasing the audience and even doing a time out to show were they live (address and all) and run a quick Q&A session. The venue, of course, allowed this since it's a small room for 60 people max, so in retrospective and having in consideration that DFA is bound to make YACHT big, last week's musical treat was a privileged one off event. All songs were reworked/revamped (perhaps there were some new ones added into the pot) to suit all dancing needs: from bouncing, to rolling on the floor, to swaying and ending in slam dancing. Yes, there was a bit of slam dancing, induced by Jona himself, to the sound of Women of the world which closed the event.

Jona & Claire, even though we prolly won't visit you guys in Portland, we DO believe in you and will proudly sport YACHT's t-shirt. Even Z did his usual routine of leaning against the nearest wall whilst nodding his head - that's Z doing some serious dancing according to what I was told - so extra brownie points for that!

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As for the opening act, Calhau: o caminho da cabra, well I'm lost for words. Firstly, because I was slightly drunk. Not as drunk not to remember and analyse it afterwards, ie the following day, but drunk enough to be a complete cunt and tear the artists on stage down. (bad, I know, apologies!). Secondly, I'm weary of any kind of experimental noise electronica that sounds like remotely similar to Xiu Xiu. Thirdly, it sounded liked Xiu Xiu having a bad beard/hair day. Lastly, anything in which the climax is a giant floating turd on stage is just out of context to say the least, hence my personal motto: Music better suited for conceptual art performances are better off on their own, rather than on an line up with straight forward music acts for the simple reason that the crowds mind will be elsewhere and looking forward for something completely different! ZDB is to blame.

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