Best of Alive 09 // Crystal Castles

Long overdue, I know, and do apologize for it. What can I say? I'm a lazy bastard. Betwixt metalheads (blessed eye candy) on the main stage and trendy hipster folks (electric blue skinny jeans are not cool anymore y'alls!) on the secondary stage expectations were rather high, specially on the second day due to the deluge of last year's best British bands. Late of the pier, Hadouken! and Does it Offend You Yeah to be honest need some more mileage, period. Klaxons are living proof of that if we are to compare this last show and the rather bland one they did two years ago. Tv on The Radio did their thing, albeit overly distorted. What a shame. If you didn't recognize the lyrics to sing along the show could easily turn into a Sonic Youth concert from their early albums.

So, was there anything really good? Anything that made you go like "WTF is happening out there?" Well, yes, from the ones everyone was curious about due to prior events on the Sonar Festival and so many other places: Crystal Castles. Alice Glass did her usual coked-out-of-her mind routine of shambling around the stage carrying a strobe light while growling and shouting on the mic, climbing on speakers and recklessly throwing herself on to the crowd. It was the first concert I saw where the roadies and stage hands were always on stage and in plane sight, carefully monotoring Alice's every movement. If this was all staged, my hat is off. Honestly, any anorectic chick that went all slapdash on the eye-shadow could pull that show off. As for the beats, we had Ethan Kath, the man behind the machine that feed all that 8-bit sampling into the roaring crowd, highly catalysed by Alice's performance, as well as a live drummer. The interwebz tell me that he's called Christopher Robin.

So what made it that special? The sum of all of the above of the which the end result is a homage to unrestrained dissociated ferocious 8-bit electronic abandonment. Nevermind the album, nevermind the hype, just go see them live and draw your own conclusions.

Crystal Castles - Reckless @ Optimus Alive 09

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