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The mute newsletter from last week came with the most interesting of surprises by way of ex CAN Irmin Schmidt & Kumo's newest album, Axolotl Eyes. Somber, eerie & detached ambient electronica, perfect for joy rides through moonlit city landscapes, Axolotl Eyes is a blind folded journey into places that you would never dare to enter otherwise. Stop me if I'm wrong, but can't stop thinking of Recoil's Liquid mixed up with Bowie's Outside. with a pinch of Apparat. Exquisite!

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Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Kick on the floods

Speaking of krautrock (german experimental music), remember this post a couple of weeks back regarding Fucked Up, the new addition to Matador? Well... it is fucked up. Seriously. You add some tablas or citars or chop sticks or whatever and it's the fucking revolution of hardcore. Where are the Neu! or Faust influences promised by Matador? Don't get it, really. Let's go back to the basics, shall we?

Bear vs Shark - Catamaran

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