Update: About hols, obfuscated tunes & some brain damage

More than midway through my hols, depression is already sinking in. Fuck my life. Here is some of the stuff that is pulling me along...

The Wild Beasts have a new album on the streets which is being shadowed by the release of the Arctic Monkey's Humbug and all its fanfare. Due or not, be sure not to miss out on Wild Beasts' melodic and charming Two Dancers. Warning: There is some falsetto going on here. It is not, however, over the top. Pick of the litter: All Kings Men.

Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling

Wild Beasts - All King's Men

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Polvo's In Prism, already mentioned before, is finally out and it is a tightly knit sonic landscape of both Math and Post Rock. Seriously, it defies all logic and if you hold Tortoise, Slint, Fugazi or Mogwai close to your heart then this is right up your alley. You can buy or hear a stream of the full album here. No official video clip yet so we'll have to make to with some (possibly illegal) fan lovage.

Polvo - City Birds

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Now, if you don't mind, allow me to destroy one of your childhood memories. Gatchaman and Robot dancing? EPIC! Seriously, if you are in Madrid stop by Fragglepop, but steer clear of the Candy Party unless Spain's contenders for the Eurovision Song Contest over the last decade is your thing.

Dresscode: Lumberjack. Scary, I know.

Parchís - Comando G

Now, wasn't that fun? Let me make it up to you. Just click here.


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