I predict a (gay indie) riot // Vampire Weekend

Grab hold of your joysticks (or crucifixes) because everyones favorite English lads are about to return on the 11th of Jan 2010 in the UK and on the 12th in the US with a new album, "Contra". No songs as of yet, only the tracklist (which can be misleading in order to curb illegal file sharing) and a photo album (which, again, can be a rouse).

Of course, this is not the first time they resurfaced since the self-titled debut. I'm talking about Ezra's specifically with his participation on The Very Best project... which did not actually cut it for me. But hey, that's just me... complicated & biased! Also known to spread vicious rumours abouts the sexual orientation of the young lead singers from very recent and known bands.

PS: I just used Ezra's name plus the terms vampire weekend & gay. Again. This is going to score so many visitors that it is not even funny...

01. horchata
02. white sky
03. holiday
04. california english
05. taxi cab
06. run
07. cousins
08. giving up the gun
09. diplomat's son
10. i think ur a contra

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma


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