Beware of... // We Are Wolves

Specially since they are going slightly Pixies: songs in spanish? WTF? Oh well... just another day in the strange and warped world of We Are Wolves. A sneak peek of Paloma, in all its spanish chorus glory, here by clicking "play me a song" on the right hand side of the screen. Although not as freshing as 2005 Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Duex, this sampler tinged garage rock sounds... hummm.. interesting?

The new album, Invisible violence, is due to hit the stores (online or otherwise) on the 6th of October via Dare to Care Records. Bad news is that, as much as my French can tell here, the physical release on the 6th will be in Canada only. Quel dommage.

Now kick back to reminisce and bask on something really special...

We Are Wolves - LL Romeo


Anonymous said...

Alex, the lead singer, is Colombian by descent. Paloma is his daughter. So, to me, that's the least weird thing WAW have ever done,as it seems firmly based in the real world.Haha.

When they released the non-demo version of "fight and kiss", I was despairing about how "Total Magique" would sound.In this case, however,I am damn well excited.


Graven said...

Really? That's so sweet.

Well, lets wait for the vid. Who knows what craziness the boys might have up their sleeves.

paxxxeco said...

boas notícias as do regresso dos Wolves...esperemos que tragam a dentição toda.
abaços bro