Y△CHT IS NOT A CULT. (but it sure can save your soul)

Released today under the DFA label. Available in iTunes at half price for one week. Get get GET!

We are exhausted and thrilled to announce that as of today, See Mystery Lights, our new album, our beast of burden, our mystical child, has finally been released to the world.

In honor of this event, iTunes is holding a generous promotion for you, our patient fans. For one week only, starting on Tuesday, July 28th, See Mystery Lights (as well as our entire back-catalog of releases) will be available for half-price.

We feel as though the world is speeding by on steel tracks, on a scenic route for us all to enjoy while we celebrate this, and various other victories in all our lives. See Mystery Lights is as much yours as it our ours, and we couldn't have arrived here without your support and participation.

It is with this sentiment that we present See Mystery Lights to you, with great humility and aggressive pricing.

Please join us in welcoming See Mystery Lights to the world by partying on iTunes!

☮ ♥ ▲,

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