Look out for desperate youth // New kids in town

Math-rock shenanigans of Slint & Tortoise proportions, out now on Thrill Jockey. Not exactly new since they've been around for some years now, but they sure as hell sound refreshing.

Double Dagger - Vivre Sans Temps Mort

web doubledagger
emospace doubledaggersucks
label Thrill Jockey


Out now on Transgressive, home of Foals and The Young Knives. Mozzer lookalikes for greater justice, please. The world needs them.

Esser - Headlock

web esserhq
emospace esserhq
label Transgressive


Crashing guitars over walls of distortion. Seriously epic. Due on the 14th of September via 4AD.

The Big Pink - Velvet

web musicfromthebigpink
emospace musicfromthebigpink
label 4AD


Blatantly stolen from paxxxeco. Album out on the 17th of August, label to be assigned.

The XX - Crystalised

web N/A
emospace thexx
label Young Turks (Single)


gaZpar said...

Ai só coisinhas boas!

guudi guudi!

Trent Rampage said...

the big pink IS epic.
and that Esser guy is wearing my shirt.

Graven said...

gaZpar Iz nice, yes?

Graven said...

Trent Rampage Exquisite taste in shirts, I must say.