Give us hype or give us death // Animal Collective phenomena

By the time that the album leaked somewhere in December, it was already slated as the best album of 2009, which is paradoxal to say the least. Then when it was released in January, various music oriented websites and magazines confirmed it as the best of 2009. It immediately put me off listening to the album, but perhaps that's just me: an antagonizing anti hipster little music cunt. Truth be told, based both on what I mentioned earlier and their previous albums I was very wary of listening to it.

Escaping the single My Girls was/is impossible and I do agree that the song, with it's weird electronic beats and distorted echoing voice dubs, does work. It's catchy and comes across a bit of a more accessible departure from the previous Strawberry Jam and Water Courses releases which is refreshing, so I'm now keen on giving it a good listen. Nevertheless, no matter how good it is, it won't be the album of the year, at least for now. Let's leave those hyped fanboy preconceptions to pitchfork and their ilk, shall we? After all, we still have 11 months of (hopefully) good music to go.

Animal Collective - My Girls
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P.A. said...

E isto é suposto ser o melhor de 2009?! Eles ainda nao tinham ouvido o Womanizer da Britney Spears, pois nao?

Graven said...

Claro que não! Isso não cai no radar dos pseudo intelectualóides musicais da pitchforkmedia. Fiz uma pesquisa e apenas fazem referência ao vídeo e tudo porque o vídeo aparentemente tem titty action. Isto é apenas a minha opinião.

Em todo o caso é uma musiquinha bem gira... em final de noite... no trumps... com 6 gins no bucho.

Não, agora é sério. Tem a sua piada, mas continuo a preferir o Toxic.