Post em medley: Slint & D-Plan

First and foremost, Slint, for that monster of an album that goes by the name of Spiderland. It coined math-rock (think prog rock, but less busy and with less solos) and paved the way to artists like Mogwai & Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Top tracks are Nosferatu Man e Good Morning, Captain, the latter being the pick of the litter... disturbing narrated lyrics, music in crescendo, tension build up... Hitchcock distilled on a CD, IMHO. They either went off solo (Pajo) or founded other groups like Tortoise e The For Carnation (my favorite post Slint band since it regained part of the Slint spirit). An interesting piece of trivia is that apparently Mogwai at some point toured with T-shirts saying "Mogwai is Slint". My hat is off for those fine Scottish lads for not being afraid to flaunt their influences.

Slint - Good morning, Captain

The Dismemberment Plan, just listened to them (while taking a nap). Straight out of the late 90s, early 00s they still sound as fresh as ever and give more recent danceable punk bands a run for their money, ie !!! or Q and Not U. The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified album is just plain crazy, with music style varying with each track with at times nonsensical lyrics, like in Bra (a trip down the Amazon on a red brick boat high on malaria) or Ice of Boston (which apparently is muddy and people bathe in champagne). Emergency & I is a landmark. Again not only it varies with each track, it goes off on an unexpected direction within the track itself: A Life of Possibilities, You are invited and Memory Machine. The best track is Spider in the Snow due to the angst ridden lyrical content of looking back and sensing your life was complete waste...
How can a body move the speed of light
And still find itself in such a rut?
You can’t say it but I know that it’s in there
You don’t know it but I know that you’re scared
Obvious and lonely—afraid to not let go
You can’t say it but I know it’s in there
You don’t know it but I know that you’re scared
Obvious and lonely—a spider in the snow
And seriously... can you think of anything more stuck than a spider in the snow?

The Dismemberment Plan - Spider in the snow


P.A. said...

Jesus! Fos-te tu que escreveste isto tudo ou foi copy paste de algum lado? Que erudito, que culto, que referencial!!! Nao percebi metade!


Graven said...

Estou ofendido!

P.A. said...

Pois... daí a estocada no coraçao com o post seguinte!!
Has-de ter muitos amigos, has-de!!
Highway to hell, é o que eu te digo!

Olha que oportuno: as letras de verificaçao sao bbyye. Ó po universo a mandar sinais!!

Graven said...

Ora toma!!! Queres uma foto da Róisín? ^_^

P.A. said...

Nao falo mais contigo!

Kraak said...

Este álbum dos Slint é uma obra prima. O mais incrível foi eu ter passado uma música do mesmo no Incógnito... e ninguém me bateu. :)

Graven said...

Apre, porque é que só passam coisas giras no incógnito quando não estou lá? Não acho normal...