Daddy is going for seconds

Róisin Murphy @ Coliseu dos Recreios, 30 de Outubro


P.A. said...

I hate you, I hate you! Nothing could ever be the same!!!

gaZpar said...

Will you feel a bit overpowered? ;-)

AstroBoy™ said...


Graven said...

I promise to sing Forever More while thinking of all of youssss! teehehe ^_^

P.A. said...

You are a pure pleasure seeeker. The time is now to tell you that it's no fun for me to know that I'm just a drop in the ocean and you nothing but an absent minded friend.
I don't want to be a cry baby (boo) but you could at least have let me know about it and invite me. You know me better to know that I might have hoped on a plane and go with you. It could have been just you and me dancing, like movie stars.
You remain the same through time and me, i'm just somebody somewhere with a sinking feeling that i am not sown into you, like you keep saying.
I now that i may sound as if we're in love but I can't help myself, this is almost primitive.
Don't worry, it's nothing. I'm just tired of this circus and you seem to get off on it.
This might as well be the closing of the doors to anything else (when I thought this could be the prelude to love in the making), might as well keep sleeping or leaving the city somewhere far from you.
Hope you enjoy the show and remember all the songs!

Graven said...

Honey, you know me better than I know myself, I couldn't carry a tune if my life depended on it!

PS: 2 de Nov, La Riviera, Paseo Virgen Del Puerto, Madrid.