Videorama // The Sound of Arrows + Little Big Adventure

Hard and cold times are upon us. To help keep the freezing temperatures away, two heartfelt gems - one brimming with hope the other not so much - from the land of feel-good ultra empowering synth pop, Sweden. Oh, the irony... (don't forget to click the freebie links below to download these tracks from their label, Labrador)

First off, The Sound of Arrows with a *gorgeous* video for their most recent single Into the clouds: A fantasy dreamscape, reminiscent of Never Ending Story and other fantasy movies from the 80s. I miss those blurry colours. No lucky dragon as well, guess that would have made it too obvious.

The Sound of Arrows - Into the Clouds
freebie Into the clouds
emospace thesoundofarrows
label Labrador

Aaaaand, for some extra punch plus extra Pet Shop Boys flair... a remix!

The Sound of Arrows - Into the Clouds (Fear of Tigers remix)


As previously stated, Magnus Sätterström's life is... humm... complicated. However, like his song goes, one must soldier on: "You two should settle down/And have the happiest time Of your lives/And I will try to keep myself alive". Harsh...

Little Big Adventure - Happiest Times
freebie Happiest times
buy The Hateful Eye (CD) / The Hateful Eye EP (MP3)
emospace littlebigadventure
label Labrador

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