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That God is in small things. That details matter. That what is really important is invisible to the naked eye. People say lots of things, that's for sure. Some are true, but most are not. Closing my eyes and listening to The Eraser, I realize that it's all just a gigantic fucking time warp on a bad fucking acid trip, where people aren't too busy groveling, throwing bombs at each other, for money or land or creed or fear. Everyone is gone, everything is pristine clean and the music pulses, fold and unfolds upon itself, in an infinite manner of ways and directions. Closing my eyes and listening to The Eraser, I wonder if the people holding all the nasty red buttons also hear The Eraser, and dream of their own personal universes devoid of other people.

Ever changing, similar, but never quite the same, Thom Yorke burst out solo with a magnificent piece of electronica, tinged with just the right amount of guitars and whatnot. A auspicious first effort for a brilliant musician.

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