Band of Horses // New single "Laredo"

It is quite possible that I'm going insane. No, I mean way more than the usual ah-ah-funny silly self. I *swear* that I've blogged about Band of Horses' new album Infinite Arms, along with a nice new video for the track Compliments, yet I cannot - for the life and sanity of me -  find that freaking label. I must have! I mean, how could I have missed these wonderful lo-fi, country tinged rockers? Either a serious crime was just committed or I should just check-in into a place with pristine walls, all padded white. Then again, I possibly just facebooked (social networks are giving way to new verbs, sad I know) it, or twittered it, or blipped it... or... did something on some other of the million social networks I'm in. Sad, I know.

Anyway, Infinite Arms will be released on the 18th of May and is available for pre-order now. Just below, the video for Compliments and Laredo, the first single out of the new album. Laredo sounds a lot like something out of the first album Everything All The Time, I won't lie to you folks. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it does. WEED PARTY!.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I need to check out what's this buzzfeed thingamabob I was told today and how it totally rocks whilst making you spend time in order to achieve nothing relevant. Yeah, kinda like you reading this thing. Move along and press play already.

Band of Horses - Compliments

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