Double Dagger // Masks EP

There is really something special going on with Double Dagger. From the first moment I heard them, via last year's phenomenal More, I have to admit I very much hooked. There are no new paths in the current musical landscape being treaded here, mind you, but perhaps... perhaps that just it: this is straight-forward post-rock of the angular variety reminiscent of bands like Slint, Shellac, June of 44 and Part & Labor delivered in a very honest and efficient manner. As such, Double Dagger do not sound violent. Sure, their sound is fierce at it's most effusive moments, but it never actually reaches that stage that makes you want to break shit up. (c'mon, admit it, we all get that) They are the perfect example of music that seems intent on making yourself let go and just have fun. And for that, they should be adored *everywhere*.

The Mask EP is out now via Thrill Jockey. There is no video as of yet, but you have a freebie just below of the brash Pillow Talk, courtesy of Stereo Gum.

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