The exes and the pluses // Florence + XX

Some bands are slanted to turn everything that they touch into pure gold and that seems to be the case for the XX. Either due to some extreme hyping from musical behemoths such NME & Pitchfork or just because, you know, they actually sound good, the XX have been one of this blog's favorites for 2009. Point in case: Florence + The Machine remix, or the bland innocuous garden variety British teen soul songstress flavour of the year 2009 getting turned on it's head and sounding a million times that much more refreshing.

XX: Believe the hype! Download this track here, listen to it over and over, put it as your ring tone, share it with your friends and say you're doing it because you love them, share it with your enemies and say you're doing it because their musical taste needs an intervention, just pass the word.

Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (The XX Remix)

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