Did I mentioned CFTPA recently?

Mind you, that's a rhetorical question. So, some reasons why I'm rehashing this subject:
  • The B-sides & rarities album Advanced Base Battery Life will be released tomorrow. The indie kids shiver with anti...cipation.
  • The expression B-sides & rarities reminds me of Art Brut's take on musical snobbery/teen angst via the My little brother song. In other words, I felt an uncontrollable urge to use it and I blame it on the fact that I'll turn 30 this year. Age denial is bliss. So is musical snobbery.
  • Speaking of Art Brut, not only they released an album in 2007 that went under the radar, they are scheduled for the third release in a couple of months. Not really bovvvered because once you discover The Fall, Art Brut just sounds bland. FACT!
  • The wonderful people at Tomlab made one track out Advanced Base Battery Life available for our downloading pleasure.
  • The only thing better than leftfield crooning electronic music is leftfield crooning electronic music for free.
  • The world needs more Owen Ashworth. No, seriously, it does.
(via Tomlab's newsletter)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Old Panda Days (w/ Nick Krgovich)

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PS: If your browser doesn't handle the mp3 player used above, it's because you're not using firefox v3. In other words, YOU SUCK.

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