Hurrah for lung cancer // We Smoke Fags free giveaway

Serious contenders for Best Underdog Single of 2008, this trendy looking anorexia borderlining Londoner "new rave" outfit is bound to cause some serious dance floor mischief in 2009. Or so I hope, more airtime is need here, urgently. Catchy electro influenced pop hooks, tongue in cheek girl oriented teen lyrics plus snotty brit accent is an epic win. Always! Check out their page for some free mp3 giveaways.

Blimey, what are you doing here, mate? Click on the link above and show these lads your appreciation.

We Smoke Fags - Eastenders

myspace wesmokefags
label 679


Strumer said...

Um nome que prometeu já em 2008 mas que acabou por não ganhar grande projecção...a ver vamos se 2009 permite voos maiores! Mereciam...;) Vou averiguar isso dos free downloads ;)


ANÓNIMO said...

O Anónimo dá os parabéns a Graven pela retórica e pelos estilismos anúnciados. Lets smoke to the sound!