*blink*blink*squash* X_X pw4g3

So, while crusing for

(wait for it...)™

video games I happened to stumble upon Derek. "I can't help but wonder"™ where, oh where, can one find gay men that, much like Derek:

1) Are into games, namely those of the survival horror/Adventure genres;
2) Are "avid horror fans";
3) "have a teeny tiny obsession with Freddy Krugger memorabilia";
4) Used to DJ;
5) Is fucking HOT.

I mean, I can do Survival Horror as much as the next bloke, even though I'm more into FPS' (Oh! S.T.A.L.K.E.R., how do I love thee, let me count the ways: one, one thousand) or beat'em ups (there is something quite therapeutical in impersonating apparently frail oriental girls that bitch slap all of the muscle marys 'till last xmas). Horror movies? We can wrap that up with point 3, say that I have an Alien action figure, crave the Alien quadrilogy deluxe edition and just leave it at that. DJ!?!? On top of all of that, he's... picking up his DJing. Oh, Mr DJ put your

(wait for it...)™

record on! I think I might change my steam ID to yes_I_poop_stab. Who knows, it might increase the odds of such a rare breed of the gay men - the cute geek type - running/shooting into

(wait for it...)™

the game I'm playing. And if that ID fails it's purpuse, there is always the pleasure of killing everyone while they verbally abuse you because of your ID. (it's great fun! I've done it on MOHAA time and time again).

But, as the song goes, "what's a girl to do?"



AstroBoy™ said...

And the Gay Geek shall inherit the hearth!

Graven said...

After which we'll all have a global wide LAN party and upload our psyches into the metaverse. Our perhaps huge mechas. Our both!

Astro Boy said...

I want my psyche to meet Derek's psyche!

gaZpar said...

Pronto... queimou o cérebro! :P

Graven said...

\\Frontal lobe status="Denial Of Service"